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Maleth 2009
Table Wine - Alc. 13% Vol..

A dry, medium bodied, late harvest blend of Merlot, Shiraz and Cabernet Franc from Malta with aromas of a red fruit character of strawberries, raspberries and cherries with complex hints of earthiness, peppery, herbaceous and a refreshing black pepper spicy finish.

An ideal accompaniment to roast meat and beef dishes.

Recommended serving temperature:
18 - 20C

Auctoritas Merlot 2009
D.O.K. Superior - Alc. 12.5% Vol.

A dry, fruity Merlot from Gozo with abundant aromas of mature dried fruit combined with supple and rounded tannins.

An ideal accompaniment to roast meat and beef dishes.

Recommended serving temperature:
18 - 20C

Auctoritas Chardonnay 2010
D.O.K. Superior - Alc. 12% Vol.

A dry medium bodied Chardonnay from Gozo, refreshingly smooth with exotic fruit flavors of pineapple and passion fruit, some buttery notes and floral aromas of honeysuckle.

An ideal accompaniment to fish, poultry, and white meat dishes.

Recommended serving temperature:
10 - 12C

Auctoritas Shiraz Rose' 2010
D.O.K. Superior - Alc. 12% Vol.

An off-dry medium bodied Shiraz Rose' from Gozo, refreshingly pleasant with a fruity aroma reminiscent ofstrawberries and raspberries.

On its own or as an ideal accompaniment to fish, poultry and white meat dishes.

Recommended serving temperature:
9 - 12C

Our Wines

Vitimalta’s vintage 2009 yielded MALETH and AUCTORITASMaleth is a Maltese blend of Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc whilst Auctoritas is a monovarietal Merlot produced from the island of Gozo. 

This produce was harvested very late in season, thus allowing for complete grape maturity and high sugar levels.  These grapes are handpicked berry by berry with great care taken for grape grading


With regards to Maleth, this blend was vinified under the direction of expert oenologist Profs. Rosario Ciccazzo of Elorina winery in Noto, another Co-operative winery which works in very close contact with VitimaltaThe combined effort of Vitimalta’stalented grape loving technical persons and the very talented persons in the Elorina Co-op during the year resulted in a premium exceptional fruity red wine with abundant aromas of dried fruit combined with subtle and rounded tannins.  The name Maleth is the name by which Malta was called during the Phoenician times.


Auctoritas was processed in Malta.  Here again this venture resulted in a premium Gozitan D.O.K. Superior Merlot wine.  This wine has a pronounced bouquet inclined towards sun dried red fruits with rather smooth tannins.  The name Auctoritas is the Latin word for Authority, which, in the local viticultural sector, Vitimalta rightly claims.

Vintage 2010 again yielded Maleth and Auctoritas.  Maleth vintage 2010 carries the same Maltese blend as the previous vintage. Vitimalta has the principle of, although maintaining the same blend, placing the care of producing and vinifying this blend under the direction of a selected expert oenologist every year.  This year this task was entrusted to Ms. Liliya Taseva, a highly respected expert female oenologist.  (Must say that an element of competition has now arised between oenologists, all striving to take care of a vintage year. In fact we already have requests from several oenologists to produce Maleth vintage 2011!  However Vitimalta will take great care in choosing the most appropriate oenologist for this high esteemed task). Have to say that Ms. Taseva has managed to superceed all expectations and the results this year are exceptional.

As from last harvest 2010 Vitimalta has also broadened its portfolio. Always produced from grapes grown on the sister island of Gozo, Auctoritas vintage 2010 has now been set up as a range and includes Auctoritas Merlot, Auctoritas Shiraz Rose’ and Auctoritas Chardonnay. D.O.K. accreditation for the Auctoritas range been received and again these wines have been accredited as D.O.K. Superior


The abbreviation ‘D.O.K.’ is the Maltese terminology for identifying Quality Wines, like D.O.C. in Italy and A.O.C. in France.  This accreditation is in line with stringent E.U. regulations and finished wines classified as D.O.K. would have undergone rigorous, independent, analytical and organoleptic tests by blind tasting panels at the Enoteca di Siena in Italy.  D.O.K. Superior is the highest accreditation available, like the D.O.C. Superiore in Italy).